close your eyes and breath.

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"1. Do you still love me? Please call me back.
2. I found your shirt in my closet. It still smells like you. So do my bedsheets.
3. Last night, I woke up at 2 am and wrote in my journal the first thing that came into my head. I wrote that you are my phantom limb.
4. Someone told me I looked pretty today but all I could think about was what you were doing.
5. I scrubbed my skin until it turned pink because I can’t fucking stand how I still feel your lips. I haven’t left the house in days.
6. Drinking won’t erase the memories. I’ve tried.
7. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t find myself. I miss who I was before you.
8. Everything in the box belongs to you. I don’t need it anymore.
9. My mother called and asked how I was doing. I said I went out to the store and bought milk. She told me she was proud of me. I hope you are too."


absentions, 9 messages I left on your voicemail 

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"Get out of bed, make a hot drink and go outside. You owe yourself that much. Maybe you still cry in far too many public bathrooms, but I swear, you stay a few seconds less every time. Smile at strangers if it’s all you can do, know that life doesn’t start when the sun rises or the credits roll but when you decide it’s time to go after what you deserve, and you deserve everything because we are alive both only once and a million times every day and every minute is something new to learn and someone new to love, and if it all crashes and burns as it so often does cling on to hope through it all and don’t ever ever ever let it go. Start your life again whenever you need to. Repeat after me: it is not yet the end. It is not yet the end. It is not yet the end."

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Every year, unknowingly, we pass the anniversary of our future death.

this post fucked me up

ye this is fucking scary

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